Ankaran, Slovenia

Dear friends!

Our hearts are heavy as we need to tell you that we have to cancel our dear 1st edition of Amaraton. The situation with Corona virus is getting worse and it is our responsibility to put everyone's health in the first place.

We will not postpone our marathon because there will be so many postponed events next to the ones that already exist.

It is difficult for all of us because we put a lot of work, our hearts and time in organizing Amaraton. We made a lot of effort to bring together nice people and we were excited to see what a beautiful and warm atmosphere all of you would create.

We will return the money that you paid for the marathon and accommodation. We are so sorry about the flights that many of you already booked, we hope you will get a refund from the airline. This situation is out of our control and unfortunately we can't influence that.

You will get an official email about the refund soon.

A warm embrace to all of you and thank you so much for your trust and support!!!

Janja ❤ Olga ❤ Pia ❤ Rado ❤ Primož

a maraton not really

amaraton sea

amaraton to love

amaraton sound

amaraton god of Sun


Djurdjina Šijaković Serbia Friday day
Joël Silva Portugal Friday night
Gergana MamaLoca Boeva Bulgaria Saturday day
Diego Doigneau Argentina Saturday night
Claudio Salemme Italy Sunday day
Georgia Ferfeli Greece Sunday night


Our home for this weekend will become the Youth spa in Debeli rtič, a natural reserve. We will be dancing, eating and sleeping at the same location, in the embrace of unspoilt nature. Just a few steps out of your hotel room and you will reach a park at the edge of the cliff with all different sorts of native trees and bushes. Find your own bench, your own tree, your own magical spot. In our free time we can enjoy the sauna, massages and the inner pool. If you’re feeling brave you can also try to jump in the sea :)

We will have two hotels available, just a few meters from each other, with double beds and a possibility of an extra bed. The number of rooms in both hotels is limited so be sure to register as soon as possible!


show meal times


15:00 - 20.00
Djurdjina Šijaković
21:00 - 03:00
Joël Silva


13:00 - 19:00
Gergana MamaLoca Boeva
21:00 - 03:00
Diego Doigneau


13:00 - 19:00
Claudio Salemme
21:00 - 02:00
Georgia Ferfeli

Amaraton Arrivals

Enjoying a marathon at the peaceful seaside appears to be logistically more challenging than in a capital city or major town, but don't worry, we've got your logistics covered. Below you will find some useful information. Don't hesitate to contact us in case of any doubts regarding your arrival or departure. We'll make sure to advise you on the best possible options.

By Air

TRIESTE airport (TRS) is the closest and most convenient airport. Direct flights are available to/from MILAN, VALENCIA, COLOGNE, CATANIA, BARI, FRANKFURT, LONDON, MUNICH, NAPLES and ROME. The airport offers connections to Trieste Central Station by numerous trains and busses.

LJUBLJANA Joze Pucnik airport (LJU) is the main airport of Slovenia and connects our capital with direct flights to AMSTERDAM,BELGRADE, BERLIN, BRUSSELS, FRANKFURT, HELSINKI, ISTANBUL, KYIV, LONDON, MOSCOW, MUNICH, NIŠ, PARIS, PODGORICA, TEL-AVIV, WARSHAW and ZÜRICH. An airport shuttle, bus or taxi will bring you from the airport to Ljubljana centre, where you can hop on a bus or a train to the seaside.

Both airports of VENICE - Marco Polo (VCE) and Treviso (TSF) offer an abundance of European and overseas flights and they are also very well connected to Slovenia by means of Nomago Buses, Flixbus or Goopti shuttles. Check for connections to Koper (Slovenia) or Triest (Italy)

By Earth

Debeli rtič is accessible by road from Koper via Ankaran or from Triestie via border crossing Lazaret/Lazzaretto. For those arriving by car, there is a vast parking space available near the venue.

For local bus rides from Koper, Arriva is your friend with several buses throughout the day (bus line: Koper-Lazaret, bus stop: Debeli rtič). Koper can be reached with many buses and trains from either Ljubljana or Trieste or the airports mentioned above. Check Ljubljana Bus Station for domestic lines and Arriva or Flexibus or Auto Stazione Triste for international.

By Water

Why not? Anchor your vessel at Marina Koper, Portorož, Izola, take a ferry to Piran or one of the ferries to Trieste.

By Fire

No matter which means of transportation you choose, bring the fire in your heart!


You can arrange your own place to sleep; you can avoid sleeping at all; or you can sleep at the resort.

If you don't sleep at the resort you'll need to take care of your food. There are snacks included in the price of the marathon but probably that won't keep you going for the whole weekend ;)

There are two hotels in the resort, both a 5-minutes walk from the dance hall.

Hotel Aria, sometimes called Hotel Debeli rtič, is the main hotel. There's the reception and the swimming pool.

Hotel Bor, sometimes called Depandansa Bor II, is older in probably has more charm.

Both hotels have double and triple rooms with private bathrooms. It will not be posible to sleep alone in a room as the number of rooms is limited.

Sleeping here comes with a two full-boards, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, starting with the dinner on Friday.


Let's set some rules black-on-white so that we can all live in ethernal love.


You'll need to register on-line.

Registrations are in couples only. One leader and one follower.

We know ... it's not very comfortable in the beginning but that's how we want the event. We want people who know each other and, ideally, some of the organizers.

The couple is accepted together (or not) and must pay together. Both must appear at the event.


Amaraton must be paid for in advance. When you register you'll let us know what is the most convenient way for you to pay. We prefer to personally know all the attendees so in theory you should be able get the money personally to the organizer that you know.

In any case it is your responsiblity to pay on time. Really. We won't be sendig please-pay notices. We're friends after all, or will become ones.

If you will sleep at Amaraton we'll ask you to pay the full cost of accommodation to our bank account immediately when you're accepted. Note that this money is non-refundable unless you explicitly agree otherwise with one of the organizers.


Eveyone on the Amaraton must behave so that others can enjoy the event. Organizers reserve the right to revoke the invitation to anyone who misbehaves, before or during the event. Of course this never happens but here it is for your protection.

Photos and videos

By joining Amaraton you agree that organizers and participants may take pictures or videos of you. These will be posted to Amaraton's Facebook group of attending participants at least 14 days prior to making them accessible to general public (if at all). While the visual material is in this group you may request a removal of any photo/video that you're on.

On the other hand, you promise to only publish the photos and videos or others in the very same group (and nowhere else), and to remove any of them on the first request of somebody presented.

Personal data protection

By joining Amaraton you explicitly agree that we can gather and use your personal information for the purposes of the organization of Amaraton. We will not share this information with any third party.

Exceptions to the rules

If you have any special needs contact the organizers. We are people, we can talk, we can also be sweet-talked or bribed.

As a rule, we'll allow exceptions to this rules (note how smart this sentence is) only if we could apply the same exception to everyone. We want to be flexible and fair at the same time.


The natural reserve Debeli rtič is just on the border with Italy, 20 minutes from Trieste.


Mladinsko zdravilišče in letovišče RKS Debeli rtič
Jadranska cesta 73, 6280 Ankaran - Ancarano, Slovenia
Tel: +386 (0) 5 909 70 00